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ARCHIBAT is back again ! The maturity edition embracing the challenges of a new decade in the throes of climate change and many other challenges the planet is facing. More than ever, we have to live differently. A FAIR that has kept its promises since 2007 and has become an undisputed leader in the construction, interior design, decoration and housing industry in West Africa and beyond . A reference for professionals in the construction industry and for the general public, who in ten years has contributed to the improvement of your living environment, providing solutions at all stages of the building process.

Theme: "10 years of solutions for housing".


Respond to the needs of professionals and the general public in the specific field of housing. For this edition, ARCHIBAT ambitions, beyond the celebration of its 10 years of existence, to:

  • Promote the valorisation of the crucial role the actors of the built environment play in the construction work;
  • Raise public awareness on the importance of systematically using project managers in their construction projects;
  • Support the dynamic of technical and technological progress in harmony with the mass production of housing;
  • Create a platform for exchanges between the technical administrations, local authorities and professionals in the built environment;
  • Introduce all the manufacturers, materials and equipment suppliers involved in the construction realm.


ARCHIBAT is 10 years old! After the 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 editions, the 2017 edition, the 6th one, will be marked by a festive signature focusing on :

  • An exhibition of more than 300 companies present on more than 10,000 m2
  • Special 10-year promo packs for the visitors
  • Exhibitors Rewards for their loyalty
    • 5 stars : Diamond
    • 4 stars : Gold
    • 3 stars : Silver
    • 2 stars : Bronze
    • 1 star : Ivory
  • A Welcome Pack for Newcomers
  • Continuous Animations (Conferences, Workshops, and B to B Meetings)
  • Contests with prizes to be won
  • A special magazine for ARCHIBAT´s 10th Year
  • A communication package offering multiple and varied spaces for various targets, and in particular to visitors towards whom our partners can optimise their actions